golden girl

golden girl

onsdag 7 maj 2014

Welcome to my art blog!

 I hope you can appreciate the irony of the title of my blog. Of course it will not be a complete guide to becoming an artist but it will guide you through my own struggle in becoming an artist.  I´m an art student and I study art in the classical, academical way.

The pictures above show you how to (according to the Russian tradition) make a drawing, in this case a drawing of a bust.

When I started doing "30 minutes portraits" in November last year I had no clue of how to build up the structure of a portrait. I merely goofed around and produced strange looking aliens. 

Portrait of an Alien, model sitting for 30 minutes

In the coming posts I will show you how my 30 minutes-portraits have evolved.

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  1. Jag njuter av både bilder och text. Fortsätt Erica, så jag får lära mig det jag inte hann med på Slöjdföreningens skola i Göteborg på 50-talet. Det blir alltså en elev ytterligare som ansluter sig till världens minsta konstskola. Du går framåt. Absolut!