golden girl

golden girl

lördag 10 maj 2014

Drawing portraits

Every week me and my fellow art students have an assignment to make 20 sketches. It could be a sketch of anything; an object, a part of the body, a portrait. I really want to become good at drawing the human face so I started to visit Folkkulturcentrum  where they have live models at several occasions during the week. The models sit for 30 minutes. 
Below is my very first awkward portrait. I remember I was petrified because of the complexity of the task. The little figure in the right top corner is my teacher´s drawing showing me how to construct a face.

Paul. Pencil on paper, 3 x 3 cm
November 2013

My teacher, Farigh Ghaderi, made these sketches of Paul at the same occasion. It´s quite impressive
to be able to make this in just 30 minutes. These sketches resemble the model.

By now I´ve done around one hundred 30 minutes portraits. I experiment with different media and styles. I try to concentrate on the construction of the face and to get the proportions right.

Maj. Pencil and crayon on paper, 15 x 15 cmApril 16, 2014

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