golden girl

golden girl

onsdag 7 maj 2014

Painting of the Day: Letter from the Front

Letter from the Front (1947)
by Nikolaj Borisovich Terpsikhorov (1890-1960)
Oil on canvas, 130 x 170 cm
This is a painting that I saw in the Springville Museum of Art in Utah earlier this year (the museum has a large collection of Russian art, a bit unexpectedly I would say.) This painter knows how to build structure with each paintbrush, light and dark colours working together to create volume. Before he applied the paint the artist made a very careful drawing on the canvas. 

As an art student I´m  learning how to see and how to draw.  I spend many hours copying drawings of classical sculptures and it´s supposed to be an exact copy. Here´s my latest attempt:

My copy of Charles Bargue´s drawing of the bust of Agrippa

It´s a very tedious process. I draw some lines and then I realize that my lines doesn't really go the same way as the lines I´m copying. So I erase and start all over. And when I think it´s OK my teacher ask something like this: What is happening here? and then I see that my line is 1/2 millimeter off or that my shape is not really looking like the shape I´m copying, It´s a very tedious process, a very, very slow process. This process teaches me to see.

"When you know the rules, you can break the rules" 
Farigh Ghaderi (my teacher)

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  1. sorry artt jag tjatar men ÅH va roligt det är att läsa det här!

    1. Louise, vad roligt med en entusiastisk läsare! (Förtydligande, jag skriver bloggen på engelska för jag har en konstnärsvän som är engelsktalande). Du får tjata så mycket du vill!!