golden girl

golden girl

tisdag 3 maj 2016

Free Monster Giveaway!

I made this little character in 2011 from scraps for an art show that me and my good artist friend Aubrie Mema pulled off. It´s a good-natured monster with a crooked face, fraying chiffon and 
with stitches no crafts teacher would approve of.

Monster, detail.

 I created this monster because, at the time,
I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs for help. I have this monster inside
of me that stays dormant most of the time, but then, when I least expect it,
   wakes up and takes possession of me. This monster is not evil or 
malicious, it just spins invisible chains around my body and mind, 
paralyzing me. Just getting up and out of bed is a major feat.
I feel like I am wading through a thick, impenetrable mush.

My husband, being a psychiatrist and not prone to
exaggerations, says it is called depression, the other side of
the coin if you have a creative mind. (Very often it is
like that).

All this to say, I had two weeks of immobility of mind and 
body so I just don´t have anything to present. My aim
with this art blog is to always show something that I have designed; sketches,
drawings or paintings and also the work of other artists that I like.
In my last blog entry I promised to give you another page of an imaginary
book about my son´s illness, but you have to wait a while. 

Instead I give you Monsters, lovingly crafted by me.
I found them tucked away in a basket when reorganizing my
studio. And since I have too much stuff  in my studio
I am doing a free giveaway.

Purple Monster

I am giving away three monsters; Monster with dotted chiffon,
Monster with HELP on nose and Purple Monster. If you want
one of these Monsters ( they measure between 18-23 cm lengthwise)
this is what you have to do:

Send me an email with your old time address to

and tell me what Monster you want and why.

If more than one person wants the same Monster I
will cast lots (in an orderly manner of course).
If you are the lucky recipient of the giveaway
you will soon get your monster in the mail.

This free giveaway ends May 11!

Angel in distress by Barb Schaecher, potter

"Free me from these chains 
I need to change my ways
Heal these broken wings
I need to fly far away
Far away, far away"

Zero 7

Spinning by Zero 7

This song  is musically and textual
a good summary of the depressed mode I
involuntarily slips into time after time

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  1. sätter mer än gärna alla tre monstren i "finsoffan" om ingen hör av sig.

    1. Det blir spännande att se i vems soffa de får sitta.

  2. Den här kommentaren har tagits bort av skribenten.

  3. Hoppas Du hittar din personliga väg ur det här. ❤️