golden girl

golden girl

onsdag 1 april 2015

And I never meant to cause you trouble

For a long time one of my favorite songs has been "Trouble" with the British rock band Coldplay. The band was formed in 1996, one year after my son Arne was born. I was never quite sure what the lyrics meant (was it about a spider?) but now I think it is as simple as a person regretting words and actions that, though not intended, hurt another person. 

As a mother I can relate to that. I have done so many mistakes as a mother - but "oh no, I never meant to cause you trouble". Today is my son´s birthday, he is a middle child. It is rough being a middle child. (I am a middle child myself). "The oldest kid gets undivided attention from overeager parents, while the youngest gets more freedom and special treatment. Meanwhile, the middle child is just there, squished between siblings.Right

In the book You’re a Better Parent Than You Think, Dr. Ray Guarendi defines MCS as “feelings of isolation, of not belonging. Enjoying neither the parental attention and expectations given to the eldest, nor the relaxed parental standards experienced by the youngest, the middle child is supposedly lost in the shuffle, caught in between with no unique position of his own.”(Quotes from Yohana Desta on Mashable).

Arne before he became a middle child

Well, we recover. And I know "that my [parents] never meant to do [me] wrong." I made this picture for Arne for his birthday. It is my humble way to express that I always loved him and I am sorry for words and actions that have caused him trouble. "I never meant to do you harm"!

Pencil and crayon on Canson paper

Someone has to be the middle child!

Russian painting on the lid of the wooden 

box where I keep my Caran d´Ache pencils

8 kommentarer:

  1. Vilket fint och rörande in lägg - förstår precis vad du menar. Kram

  2. Vad du har utvecklats som tecknare!!!!!!!! Så vacker teckning, både innehåll och teknik. Och barn ... de får oss att utvecklas för vi älskar dem såååå mycket. Kärlekens drivkraft är stark och den helar. Kram

  3. Det var verkligen ett fint inlägg, Erica. Du är en duktig tecknare och en djup person. En påskkram till Dig

  4. Väl skrivet, väl ritat, och väl fotat. 5/5

  5. Love it, love it, love it!!!

    1. Tack Emelie, Agnes, Suzan och Anna för era uppmuntrande ord!

  6. Thanks for sharing. It was beautiful. Totally agree with the middle child syndrome :) being a middle child myself. I don't feel that way now but I remember feeling that way as a kid. I should remember that more with my own middle daughter.