golden girl

golden girl

fredag 13 mars 2015

The Evolution of a Painting

Allt ordnar sig, oil and textile on canvas, 2011

In 2011 I painted this clever looking little figure assuring that everything will work out. Don´t you just frequently need to remind yourself of this; everything will work out in the end?

The other day my brother was celebrating his 50th anniversary and it is customary to bring a gift to the birthday child. I decided to make a painting but I was slow in executing my intention;
a couple of days before the handing over of the gift I got started. 

Painting with oil paints is no quick thing; first you need a canvas of suitable size and grain. Then you have to prepare the surface, in my case I used a "used" canvas so I had to apply two layers of gesso (a mixture quite similar in the consistency of sour cream). 

While the canvas was drying I made some sketches. What I came up with was a rather serious looking young man. 

I traced the sketch onto the canvas and since I was in a hurry I had no time to adjust anything. The serious looking young man morphed into someone else.

To get the nose and lips right (or at least acceptable) I looked at the paintings of Gustaf Lundberg and Alexander Roslin for guidance.

It all works out (in the end), oil on canvas,  2015

I wanted to write something inspiring but I usually use stencils when I put words on my paintings since I am not very good at writing freehand. Unfortunately the time was running out so I did not have time to make new stencils. Incredibly, tucked away in a corner of my studio I suddenly found stencils that I had already cut out in 2011. With a swift hand I finished the painting and now I hear it is hanging on the wall in my brothers apartment.
It all works out in the end... 

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  1. Jättefint. Intressant inlägg som vanligt.

    1. Det visar att en bilds tillkomst är ungefär detsamma som då jag sätter text till en sång. Vissa strofer sitter som smäck medan andra delar skrivs, byts ut och så håller det på. Till skillnad från dej har jag möjlighet att re-write ytterligare några år senare om musikalen tas upp igen. Det är ett ständigt pågående arbete med färg eller ord - inte sant?