golden girl

golden girl

tisdag 3 juni 2014

Studio visit: Cassandra Barney

During my stay in Salt Lake City earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit Cassandra Barney in her studio in Orem, Utah. She´s a prolific and inspiring artist and she generously answered all my questions. Her husband, sister and father are all artists and her home and studio are bubbling with creativity. Read more about Cassandra here.

She's was also kind to take me to Springville Museum of Art (there are no taxis in Orem...I think) where many of her works were displayed in a joint exhibition called Curiouser & Curiouser: The art of James Christensen, Cassandra Barney, Emily McPhie & Family. 

Cassandra Barney in her studio, which is in the house where she grew up. Her father used
to work in this studio. Now her father lives and works a few houses down the road.

The paintings below are from the exhibition at Springville Museum of Art. The pictures of the drawings are cropped in iPhoto. Unfortunately I don´t have the titles except for one.

The Tree of Knowledge, 2007

Oil on panel


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  1. vilka intressanta bilder hon gör, särskilt kunskapens träd med knivar i

  2. Verkligen fina tavlor!! Nästan lite pop surrealism.

    1. En kommentar till, yipeeh igen! Johanna, jag ska lägga upp lite pop surrealism bilder på bloggen.

  3. Åh ja!!! Jag älskar pop surrealism :)

  4. Vilken underbar blogg, Erica! Tack för länken hit. Älskar att se olika moment i Din utbildning. Jag vill också lära mig! :)