golden girl

golden girl

tisdag 17 juni 2014

Millesgården - my oasis

One of my favorite places is Millesgården. Millesgården is an art museum and sculpture garden on the island of Lidingö, just a stone´s throw from Stockholm. Carl and Olga Milles lived and worked here between 1906 and 1931. In 1936  it was donated to the Swedish people.

Carl Milles working in his studio at Millesgården, Lidingö


I have slipped into the large studio of Carl Milles a couple of times to perpetuate Hylas (a young boy who was kidnapped by nymphs in the Greek mythology) in my sketchbook. Hylas was Carl Milles first successful work,  made in Paris 1899.  It was exhibited in the Salon de Paris in 1900 and received an honorary mention. A Swedish patron ordered a copy of Hylas made in marble. That sculpture is now to be found in the lobby of Stadshotellet in Västerås.

The hand of God
Posedion, rear view (1930)

Per, my patron

The Sun Worshipper

When there is no danger of frost lots and lots of summer 
flowers are planted in the terraces

Celebration of Sweden´s National Day at Millesgården 

Olga Milles, self portrait

"Somewhat tucked away in one of the buildings are a small number of quite masterly drawings and one painting
all made by Olga Milles, the woman who suffered from the misfortune of being the wife of the highly inflated
Carl. Ironically, Olga´s artistic ambition and productivity all but died after she married Carl, next to whom she
considered herself insignificant. "Olga Milles always scrutinized her artistry with great uncertainty and self-criticism,
while Carl Milles never doubted his greatness."
Hardly a shocker, yet very tragic."

Quote from the blog of Valdemar Lethin.
Portrait made by Olga Milles

Inspired by the beautiful gardens and water sculptures at Millesgården we created this little oasis on our own terrace. The sculpture is a bronze replica of Triton, one of the works of the highly inflated Carl Milles that you can see in a much greater scale at Millesgården.

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  1. inspirerande! jag har faktiskt aldrig besökt millesgården men nu inser jag att jag borde!

    Sorgligt med Olgas vissnade konstnärlighet. Tänker på min gamle bildlärare Göran som predikade till en helt oförstående 13-åring "Gift dig med en man med ett borgerligt yrke så du får utrymme att skapa och inte hamnar i samma situation som så många kvinnliga talanger gjort, Karin Larsson m.fl." Han verkar inte varit så ute och cyklat som jag då trodde ;)

  2. Thanks so much for your post on Millesgården! I realized a long-time dream to visit earlier this month, and neglected to photograph the information plate for Hylas; a search led me to your page. May I ask how you obtained a replica of the wonderful Triton fountain? Although rather conventional on first glance, I found on closer inspection the unmistakable Milles touch: when I really look at the figure he almost seems to be breathing. Milles continues to amaze me.