golden girl

golden girl

onsdag 29 oktober 2014

Work out at Folkkulturcentrum in Hjorthagen

Have I told you about Folkkulturcentrum? It is my art gym, I go there to exercise my drawing muscles (eyes, brain and hands) two times a week. It is a wonderful place, unassuming. This is what happened today:

Here is the armchair where the model sits. Anyone can be a model. Today I learned that the youngest model ever was 2 months old (he/she didn´t move for the whole session because he/she was asleep.) The oldest was a 99-year old lady. 

Veronica (she is in charge of the portrait painting at Folkkulturcentrum) instructs Vladek,
9 years old, who is a model for the first time in his life.

Vladek with his father Sascha. Below you see my interpretation of father and son. I must point out that I´m the only one who is drawing, all the other folkkulturians paint with acrylics.

Vladek. Pen on paper, quick sketch

 Since I make very detailed drawings I should sit closer to the model than I did today. I could not see his face clearly because of poor lighting. And by the time the 30 minutes were up he had totally changed the position of his head. The rest of his body did not move one bit though!

 One of the men that regulary come here to paint has a very unique style. This is his painting of Vladek.

This is a quick sketch of Sascha, the father, and as you can see it does not look like him at all. This is OK as long as the proportions are fine. In the russian way of drawing you emphasize the structure of the face. You should be able to distinguish the different planes of the face. This is why I need to make
a lot of drawings of human skulls to learn the architectural construction of the face.

Our next model today was Beatrice.

Beatrice, pen on paper, 30 minutes portrait

I love this portrait of Beatrice!! I forgot to ask the name of the gentleman who painted
this but he makes great paintings. He does not worry about the russian way of drawing and he has had some of his paintings exhibited at Vårsalongen at Liljevalchs!

Viktor (by the Gentleman at Folkkulturcentrum)
Acrylic on paper

Viktor (by me)
Pen on paper, 30 minutes portrait

Paul, pen on paper, 5 cm x 5 cm
November 2013

By now I have done over one hundred 30 minutes portraits. Above is my very first portrait at Folkkulturcentrum, november 2013. Two weeks ago Paul showed up again and I am so glad I have learned about the russian way of drawing since the last time I saw him. 

Paul, one year later.

My pencils, 
nicely tucked away in a pencil case

 I also make figure drawings. The model holds the position in 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes and
you are supposed to catch the characteristics of the pose, the movement of the body and of course get the proportions right as well.

At the studio I am working with a full figure drawing of Lasse. This is slow drawing. I have spent 8 hours on this drawing. 

And lastly, in the studio I also work on this Bargue. It is so hard!
It takes forever! All I do is use my eraser!

Dear readers;
this object is used as a vertical so you can compare and measure the parts of the model, 
and find out the proportions.  Some of you knew that.

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  1. Vilken skillnad på modellen som kom tillbaka efter ett år. Där fångade du något i hans ögon

  2. Tack, det tar jag som en komplimang!

  3. Vad jätteduktig du är, Erica. Det var verkligen ett intressant blogginlägg.

  4. Du går från klarhet till klarhet, Erica! Så intressant att följa dig.

  5. I've always been impressed by your talent and I still am!

  6. ÅH va roligt att du bloggar om din konstnärliga resa och utbildning! Jag ser fram emot att följa!